Monday, November 10, 2008


Hey Sorry I have not posted in awhile but here are the halloween pics. We went to the Cats Baseball Field and had an awesome time. They did a huge Fireworks Show at the end of Trick or Treating and the kids loved it. I hope you enjoy all of the pics. I will have some of John and Jacob to post in the next couple of weeks their football season is over and we have their party tonight. They are super excited to get their very first football trophies. Melvin's team managed to make it to the playoffs and now its a waiting game to see when his season will be over. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.


My little Indiana Jones whip and all

Here is John Jacob and Alison eating Candy

My Little Cinderella she likes to pose for the camera now

John, the Blue Power Ranger he would not keep the mask on at all

And Jacob as Batman he was not very good and being discrete he would not keep his mask on either.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am soooo Sorry!!!

I know its been awhile since the last time I posted, but with Football, Dance & School for everyone its been just a little bit crazy around the Joyner Household. Not to mention we just celebrated John, Jacob & Alison's 5th birthday!! I cannot believe that they are already 5 time really does fly by so we all need to take a break and smell the roses. Anyway Daddy is finishing up their present which is a handmade and massive Tree Fort right next to our tree in the backyard. All that is left to do is put up the Firemans pole and the sandbox underneath it. I will post some pics of it as soon as we get it finished. Also the kids are putting on a program for us this Thrusday at school it is Stone Soup Supper so I will be posting some pics from that also. I really dont have any pictures right now to post but I am working on a video to put on here of John, Jacob and Alison of the last 5 years. I get very emotional looking at pictures of them in the hospital and seeing how healthy they are now and how much they have grown.

I hope everyone is having a wonderfull week.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Football and the Rain!!!

As everyone knows you dont stop playing football unless it is lightening. Well atleast not in Tackle, on Monday it had been raining off and on all day long well at 5:15 Jacob and John's coach called and said they would be canceling practice because of the weather. So as I am getting Melvin ready hoping the same phone call would come it never did so Me and Melvin were off to Football Practice. When we get there it starts pouring down rain and I backed the van into a parking spot raised the hatch on the van and sat inside the back of the van and watched him practice. Melvin thought it was pretty cool that he was playing in the rain. As practice kept going the more and more he is covered in mud. Not just a little bit but pretty much from head to toe and there was no way he was getting in my car with those clothes on him. After practice I get him stripped down in the back of the van and we come home where Lee had him a bath waiting. I did not take my camera to the practice with me so I did not get the full affect of the mud but I did take some pics on his practice uniform before washing it yesterday. So here they the way his shirt is white and actually came clean after washing it, but its all muddy again now...

On another quick note John, Jacob and Alison turned 5 this past Sunday and I will post some more about the weekend later, I have to get some pics together for that post.


Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day of School!!!

So this was the picture that Melvin wanted as his 1st day of 1st Grade photo. I told him to get still and smile and he bent down touched his knees and gave me a big ol' smile. He is off to 1st grade and is very excited about it. I will post some more this week after we know how it went. I hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Its Football Time!!!

So here we are again and its Football Season Again!!!! We are super excited this year because not only is this Melvin's 3rd year it will be John & Jacobs 1st year. So since its Melvins 3rd year he is now in full contact tackle football, I cant believe it. So I thought I would post a pic of him in his Football get up atleast the practice gear. I dont have any pics of the boys because they are in flag and they practice in shorts and shirts also the coach keeps all of their helmets, so I will get pics once they start practicing. Also I could have put Alison in football but I was afraid she would have shown up all of the boys out there and I also wanted to get her away from all of the boy stuff, So my little princess starts dance on Wednesday. She is going to be in tap and ballet so I will post some pics of her after Wedneday. I hope everyone enjoys these few pictures. Also Melvin starts first grade tomorrow and I will post some pics of his first day of school. The little guys start school next Tuesday and will be going for two days a week this year. I hope everyone has a good week.

He was tossing the ball with his Daddy. He looks so big in his Helmet and Pads.
Here is another one just a little bit closer. I cant believe he is this big already

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Playing in the MUD!!

So we have had lots of rain the past couple of days and the kids have been stuck in the house. So yesterday I got them dressed in some play clothes and sent the boys outside. Alison was inside playing with her friend Madyson. I was wanting to get a picture of all of the boys as messy as they were but they managed to get into a ant pile and I had to hose all of them off I took this pic with my phone to send to Lee. So this is Jacob having fun in the mud. I hope all of you enjoy this pic. I will post some more soon, school starts on Monday so I will have some of Melvin's first day of school. I will talk to everyone later.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Pics

Here are some pics that my MIL took yesterday. We went to church and then went over to my In-Laws house for lunch. We were outside and she was taking pictures. I hope everyone enjoys the new pics.

This one is of Jacob and John, John is in the Blue and Jacob is in Red!!!
This is some of the kids silly faces. Jacob did not want his picture taken.
This is a really cute one of all three of them. You can hardly get all of them to smile in a picture together. Well atleast snapshots!!
This is Melvin swinging on the rope swing in the tree in the front yard. Is is acting silly, and its only 7 days till he starts 1st grade. I cannot wait for them to start school.
This is Jacob, he wanted his picture taken this time. when he wants it done he will co-operate. He was climbing on the sides of their swing.

I hope everyone enjoys the new pics. I will post more when I get them.